Central Pension Fund, Retirement

Congratulations, to our private sector members on their decision to retire with the Central Pension Fund (CPF).  General Information to all related questions including the application for retirement can be found on the CPF website.  Please, refer any questions regarding your retirement to:

The Participant Records Department
Central Pension Fund
4115 Chesapeake Street, NW.
Washington, DC 20016
Tel:  202.362.1000
Fax: 202.364.2913

Operating Engineers Security Trust Fund, Senior Member Medical Program

We have a Senior Member Medical Program for Health Insurance for our private sector members who are eligible.  The requirements for the Senior Member Medical Program will be determined by the Operating Engineers Security Trust Fund.  Please, refer any questions regarding your medical plan to:

Operating Engineers Security Trust Fund
Senior Member Medical Program
P.O. Box 990
West Covina, CA 91793
Tel: 800.320.0106
fax: 626.931.1368

IUOE Local 501, Retiree Membership Dues vs. Withdrawal Status

Upon retirement your dues rate will change from working dues to Retiree Dues at a reduced monthly rate or you may select a Withdrawal Request.

Paying Retiree Dues entitles you to all the rights and privileges of Active Membership, including the right to attend meetings, voting in the affairs of the Local Union and receiving any Local Union’s publications. 

Should you choose Inactive Withdrawal Status you would no longer be an Active Member of the Local Union.  Retirees who leave the trade may request a Withdrawal Card and place their current membership status to Inactive.  The only requirement is that your dues must be current upon request.  We want to remind you that if you do not continue your membership by paying Retiree Membership Dues for you or you do not obtain a Withdrawal Card, you may be suspended for non-payment of Union dues.

For questions or processing Retiree Membership Dues or Withdrawal status, please contact the Dues Membership Department at 213.385.1561, ext. #129 or #128.  Or for written request you may direct inquire to: DuesMembership@Local501.org